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PhilanthroPay Making a world of difference!
ePhilanthropist™ is the new option to support charitable causes while you are shopping.

Anytime you make a signature-based purchase, you are helping to improve the lives of others. We donate a percentage of your purchase value to the charity of your choice.
It’s just that easy! Get a card Now!
PhilanthroPay Start changing lives today!
Simply visit your favorite charity and follow the ePhilanthropist™ link or select a charity from our list, apply online for your card account and donate while shopping anywhere that accepts Master Card(½% of your purchase will go directly to your charity).
PhilanthroPay Card
Why use your conventional method of payment if you can use ePhilanthropist™ and support a worthwhile cause while you are making everyday purchases? Best of all, since this is a prepaid debit card, no one is denied due to their credit score and there are never credit checks.
It doesn’t cost you anything and it can make a world of difference!
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